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    • How long can I keep the materials I check out?

      Books and Audiobooks check out for 2 weeks.

      DVDs and print magazines check out for 1 week.

      Digital materials checked out from cloudLibrary can be checked out for up to 21 days by using your library card to create a free account.

Digital magazines can be viewed any time on cLoudLibrary NewsStand by creating a free account and logging in with your library card.

    •        Do I have to pay fines for materials not returned on time, lost, or damaged?

Fines are $ 0.10 cents per day per book.  The maximum fine per book is $5.00.  The maximum fine per patron is $10.00.  This does not include the cost of lost or  damaged books.  Accounts are blocked when items are past due and not returned or when charges reach over $10.00.

    • Can I renew materials I check out?

      You may renew items up to two (2) times, unless someone has put a hold on the item.

    • Can I renew my materials without coming into the library?

      You can renew your library materials by calling any branch of the Acadia Parish Library during regular business hours.  The staff will be happy to renew your items over the phone.

      You may also renew library materials on our website by visiting the “My Account” link.  You must enter your library card number and PIN in order to use this feature.  If you do not know your PIN, call any branch of the Acadia Parish Library for assistance.

    • Why can I sometimes not renew items?

      If there are requests by other patrons on your items, you will not be able to renew them.  You may, however, place another request on that item after you’ve returned it.

    • Can I return my items at any of the Acadia Parish Libraries?

      You may return borrowed materials to any Acadia Parish Library location regardless of where you checked it out.


    • If we don’t have it, another library might! 

    • If a book or other library material is not found in the library’s collection, patrons can request the item through the Inter-library Loan Department. Inter-library Loan involves borrowing materials from other libraries in the state. Requests for materials through Inter-library Loan can take up to six (6) weeks to arrive depending on availability. Most requests are filled within a two (2) week period. Items published within the last six months are not eligible for Inter-Library Loan.



    • Are there computers available to use at the library?

      Yes, each of our branches has a number of available computers for public use.

    • How much does it cost to use a computer?

      It is Free with a valid APL library card!  Print outs are 25 cents per page (black and white or color).

    • Do I need a library card to use a computer?

      Yes, you need a valid library card that is free of fines or overdue items.  You must take care of any of these issues before the computer will allow you to sign on.

    • How long can I use a computer?

      Each patron is allowed to have two (2) one hour sessions per day.  If computers are full, sessions will not run consecutively.

    • Can someone at the library help me use the computer?

Library staff can help get you set up on the computer and show you the basics such as helping you find a website/webpage or open a program such as email. However, library staff cannot assist you with entering private information such as passwords, SSN, address, and other information that may be entered into applications. 

    • What is your phone number and address?

      You can view contact information for each library here

    • How can I donate a memorial book to the Library?

      You may request a form from your local library or print one here.  Once the form is completed, simply return it to your library with a check.  This form can also be mailed to the main branch of the Acadia Parish Library in Crowley. 

    • How do I get a library card?

      Patrons wishing to receive a library card should provide staff with a valid Louisiana state drivers license or ID and 1 proof of address.  Minors under 18 years of age need to visit the library with their legal guardian to fill out the juvenile registration form to obtain a library card pursuant to Louisiana Revised Statute 25:225

    • How much is it for a library card?

      Acadia Parish Library cards are free of charge for individuals who live or work in the parish.  In the event that the card is lost, a replacement card will cost $1.00.

    • How old does my child have to be to get their own library card?

      Children can receive a card at any age as long as a parent or legal guardian assumes responsibility with their own library card account and fills out the juvenile registration form.

    • How much is it to print or make copies?

Printing and copies are $ 0.25 per page for color and black and white.

    • Can I print from my phone?

Unfortunately no, we do not offer that service at this time. 

    • Can I fax at the library?

Yes, you can fax to and from the library.  Faxing is currently $1.00 a page excluding the cover sheet.

    • Can I pay with a credit card?
    • No, we currently only accept cash and checks.